The Bender – Schaffer The Darklord

What happens when a group of nerds get time to play unsupervised and things get out of hand? Nerdcore Rapper Schaffer the Darklord shows us in this awesomely powerful cautionary tale about substance abuse where “just one drink” and lack of control turns the innocent outing into a three-day bender. Mad props the the cast and crew that put this together. We’ve used the “censored” version but if you want to see the unedited one, check it out at ThingsToLookAt
*Content Warning- This is the censored version but it is still pretty racy. If you get fired from your job for watching this don’t come crying to us, we warned you*

Schaffer the Darklord ( )
Nelson Lugo
Hard Cory
with special appearances by:
Victoria Privates
Stormy Leather
Miss Mary Cyn
Big Heath
Jenny C’est Quoi
Boo Bess
Rita Men Weep
Rosey La Rouge
John LaMacchia
Peter Aguero
Rosie 151
Mr. Boyfriend
Magdalena Fox
Michael Makarius
Rubie Fizz
Lefty Lucy
Cyndi Freeman
Joe the Shark
Zina Brown
Sean Miner
Grace Miner
Bonnie Voy’Age
Brad Lawrence

Burke Heffner, director ( )
Marshall Rose, cinematographer
Joe the Shark, producer
Zina Brown, AD
Nicolas Whitaker, 2nd Camera, audio
Ben Cain, 2nd Camera, color timing
Tom Guiney, Gaffer
Lara Spitfire, Electric
Jessica SIlver, Make Up
Aubrey Franchell, Editor
Steveo Ogden, Motion Graphics
Callie Peck, graphic design (badges)

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