Mugshots Of Genetic Weirdos

Recently we started sifting through some mug shot photos and found that there are a lot of really weird looking people who get arrested. Some are just down right scary. This just proves the gene pool could use some chlorine.

Look closely, this dude doesn’t even have ears!

We’re pretty sure this is a real life version of the neighbor on Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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  • Emma

    The first one is just mean, you can clearly tell he's been in an accident, he even got a breathing tube down his throat 🙁

    • admin

      Sorry Emma, it wasn't an accident. He is deformed and his mugshot was from when he molested a little boy in a zoo bathroom. Call us mean all you want but not too many people will take up sympathy for a child molester.

  • Lia

    I doubt that Emma was saying that he *just* had an accident. Just because you look a particular way in a mugshot doesn't mean that you were born that way. He has obviously had facial reconstruction surgery. It's possible that it was necessary due to an accident…but it's also possible that it *is* due to a genetic malformation such as Treacher Collins syndrome, for example. And while there is *no* excuse for child molestation…and the punishment that *I* feel is appropriate for such things is far in excess of the reality…his appearance may be an explanation. I feel incredibly small minded when I say this, but I can't imagine that anyone would date him, much less relieve his…Ummm…"frustrations". Still, I don't feel even a smidge of sympathy since there are other ways to deal with such urges….

  • Emily

    He wasn't in an accident. That looks like a classic case of Treacher Collins syndrome. I have a friend who has the deformity … it's caused by a malformation in the cheek bones, among other things. Anyway, it can't be obtained, It's congenital. That doesn't make it any less rude that it's on a column called "Mugshots of genetic weirdos" though.

  • Emily

    Oh, also, the tube in his throat is called a tracheostomy tube. A lot of people with Treacher Collins have them.

  • cat

    It's pathetic that you have a picture of a person who is obviously physically deformed. Treacher collins syndrome causes people to be born without defined facial features, and usually without ears (although the ear canal is still there they are extremely hearing impaired). The crime in which he is being accused of does NOT allow you to his photo or 'mug shot' for the purposes of 'LOL LOOK HOW FUNNY HE LOOKS!'. You're basically encouraging people to make fun of those who have disabilities because they 'look funny'.

    Would you have posted a picture of someone with down syndrome?

    How about a picture of a person with cerebral palsy?

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • ralphy

    Hhahahahahaha look at the freak in the first mugshot lol hahahaha what a freak and a child molester who i would of kicked in the face if my son came out of the restroom saying this freak played with his balls then himself! Heres the news link if you dont believe it

  • laura

    i think that 1rst 1 is mean 2 juss saying

  • Rebecca

    The first guy clearly has a disability, putting up a picture of him for the amusement of others is pretty much morally wrong. The crime he committed doesn't justify you making fun of him and categorizing him as 'genetic weirdos'. God, what's up with ppl these days. This is pathetic, wrong, and just plain sad. if your kid came out like that, how would you feel? just put urselves in his position.

  • Rebecca

    Oh and i recently realized he's a child molester?! So, concerning his crime & ignoring his appearance, I hope he go whatever he deserved coz that's fucked up.

  • Biz

    Not only getting molested but getting molested by this guy! That would really mess a kid up

  • Jon

    I bet the first guy thanks the omnipotent God on a daily basis for allowing him to be born like that.