How To Erase A CD

A fun and quick way to erase the data from a CD. Granted, a hammer works too, but this way at least looks cool.

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  • Gridlock

    Only problem is that the micropits on a standard CD can be recoated with a shiny metal again and read.

    For a burnable CD, this would indeed erase everything. Of course, you could just literally burn the CD by tossing into a burner barrel.

  • Would be cool to try

    Get it spinning at 7200RPM and feed it some HV goodness.

    Brilliant idea; great video.

  • KM

    Does this only work on technology or could you use it to burn up the trash at a landfill?

  • ThatOneGuy

    @KM: Yes actually. It's a process known as Plasma Gasification. It is currently not a very clean, nor profitable industry, however, there are those that are trying to make it a cleaner, and more efficient process.

    Plasma Gasification is based around super-heating gas so that it turns into the fourth state of matter, plasma. The plasma jets are then blasted out through a nozzle and garbage is fed through past the nozzles. Due to the nature of plasma, the garbage and waist are disintegrated into a mix of raw materials and methane. The methane is drawn out and used to power the process, supposedly making it a clean process. The raw materials can be taken out and recycled for use in other applications.

    The more you know!

  • Toadette


    And knowing is half the battle!

    But in all seriousness, ths is pretty cool. It looks like the disk its self is spinning.

  • n00blet

    if you guys want to see more of this guys videos his user name is Photonicinduction on youtube

  • LovestoSpooge

    Congratulations, you can destroy a cd. Now all you need to do is learn how to speak correctly.

  • Lord Voldemort

    Hahaha, I love his accent 😀

  • Francis Castor

    I’ll admit, that is a fun way to erase data on a CD. I’d still prefer a good magnet though. The hammer is a last resort, since I’d end up with just an empty case and shattered CD bits I can’t reuse.