Friday Freebie 8-5

Congratulations to Dave from Clearwater, FL for his entry:

A gynecologist has a midlife crisis and takes night classes to become a mechanic.
He’s really nervous the night of the final, so he studies real hard and hopes for the best.
When the grades are posted, he freaks out because his grade says 150% and he assumes it was an error so he goes to see the instructor.
The instructor explains its no error. “You took apart the engine perfectly, every nut, every bolt, you pulled it all apart without breaking anything. That got you 50%
Then you put it all back together perfectly. It actually ran better than before you started, so I gave you 50% for that.
You got a bonus 50% for doing it all through the muffler.”

The awesome coordinator from the Tampa SlutWalk gave us a $50 gift card so you know what that means, we’re giving it away.

The setup is simple, tell us a funny joke. Best joke wins!
Deadline will be 3pm EST, winner announced shortly there after.

Send an e-mail with your joke to

If you don’t win this contest don’t worry, we will be doing a few more over the next couple of weeks. You can also get a gift card from the SlutWalk Tampa webpage. A $20 donation will get you a $50 gift card. How freakin’ awesome is that?

*Note*- The gift card is only valid in the Continental United States so for our fans in other countries we apologize but this won’t work for you. We will try harder to include you in our next contest. But you can still send us a joke 😉

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