Happy Thanksgiving!

With today being Thanksgiving here in the US, we’re supposed to use this as an opportunity to give thanks for what we have in our lives. Sure I’m thankful for the usual things as everyone else like family, friends, etc. But one thing I’m extremely thankful for is YOU, the fans of Strange Beaver. When I started this site a while back it was just my own little corner of the internet to post the stupid things I found while surfing. A place where my friends could go to laugh or just get a brief escape from the everyday. I had no idea it would grow into what it has become but I’m thankful that it has. Every day thousands of people that I’ve never met come to this site to enjoy the randomness that I’ve found. Many of these people keep coming back, day after day, to see more. This site has evolved from just some idiot sitting on his couch posting stupid stuff in his spare time, to an idiot sitting on his couch posting stupid stuff in his spare time that lots of strangers seem to enjoy. Along the way I’ve made some new friends, seen some really cool things, learned new things and most of all, I’ve had fun. Through all the good times and bad, the ups and the downs, you guys have made it all worth it. For that, I’m thankful.

Thank you Beavers, and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving,

Show Us Your Beaver Contest – October 2014 Winner

Congratulations to Jason Sereno from Los Angelas California for winning the October edition of the ‘Show Us Your Beaver’ contest. Jason’s latest video is a spoof of the political campaign ads we’re all getting tired of seeing but in this video, there’s a familiar looking semi-aquatic rodent. That’s right, there’s Jason rocking a Beaver shirt in the video. This is actually the first video entry we’ve received for the contest and after double checking the rules, we’ve allowed it in.

Congrats Jason, great job!

*On a side note, it’s been a great week for the Beaver. Last Saturday we saw him make an appearance in a movie, and now he’s hitting Youtube videos. The little guy is getting popular!

Friday Freebie 10-24

Strange Beaver freebie!Alright Beavers, this Friday Freebie is a special treat. We just had two new batches of stickers come in for BeaverMart and we figured they’d be perfect for this give away. One is the new style Beaver Head logo and for the first time making it’s sticker debut, we have the Original Strange Beaver Logo. Both of them are 3 inches wide and made with weather resistant vinyl so they won’t fade or peel like the Beaver Badge stickers.

Would you like one? Well great, because in this freebie you’ll get both! Oh yeah, we’re giving out sticker packs with both of these and a few Beaver Badges as well.

For your chance to win, just send an e-mail with your name to *The contest window is now closed* with the subject line of I want a sticker. The contest will run until Midnight Eastern time. After Midnight we’ll pick 10 lucky winners and contact them for their mailing address.

Good luck Beavers!


Who Wants To Be A Guinea Pig?

Alright Beavers, we have something a little different for you. A few weeks ago we showed you this teaser of the new Beaver shirts we’ve been working on.

New Beaver shirt on the press A few years ago we sent out some car magnets that the supplier had messed up and we felt really bad about it. So now, before we add any items to BeaverMart they have to go through a major ‘testing’ phase. We’ve been testing some of these new shirts since we got them and they are holding up really well. Since we can only wash and wear so many shirts at a time, we figured it was time to reach out for some help. That’s where you come in! We want you, our fans to help us out. We’re picking 10 fans that want to be guinea pigs and try out the new shirts before they’re available to everyone else. We’ll send you a shirt, and some other random stickers and stuff and all you have to do is wear it around looking cool as can be then tell us what you think about it. Sounds easy huh? Of course it does! But there’s a few things we’re looking for:
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Pink Beaver Sale For Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Since it’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all Pink Beaver shirts are on sale at BeaverMart! The Pink Basic Beaver tees are just $10 for the month of October AND you’ll get a free Pink decal with your order. All proceeds from the Pink collection goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation so you can look cool showing your Beaver love AND help a great cause all at the same time!

Pink Beaver shirts

Check out the shirts at BeaverMart

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