Operation: Hug A Vet!

To celebrate Veteran’s Day today we’d like everyone to bring back one of our favorite activities, Operation: Hug A Vet! It’s very easy to participate, just find a vet, give them a hug and say “Thank you”. It’s that easy! Now get out there and start hugging!

Operation: Hug A Vet!

Strange Beaver’s Top 15 Of 2015

Strange Beaver’s Top 15 Of 2015 2015 is coming to an end so it’s time to take a look back at what you Beavers liked the most this year.

It’s been a busy year but of the close to 1500 posts we’ve managed to find your favorites.

Full disclosure: As expected tumblr Tuesday and Facebook Fail posts were the major winners this year. For example the tumblr posts took up 11 of the top 20 spots. So because of that we had to take the top post from those categories for this list.

Make sure you click the title to see the full post. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments below:


15 Funny Notes Seen On Hospital Patient Charts
When you’re at the doctor, do you ever wonder what they’re writing in your chart? You have to remember doctors and nurses are people too and sometimes they can make mistakes.
Funny Notes Seen On Hospital Patient Charts
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Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday this weekend. From Tracy, Cormick, Liam, and Scott, we’d like to wish a Merry Christmas. Stay safe Beavers!


Friday Freebie 9-11

Friday Freebie Happy Friday Beavers!

The sticker and shirt contests have been going really well so let’s do that again!

5 winners can choose any stickers they want and one lucky winner will get a Black Beaver logo shirt AND stickers! This contest will be open to ALL Beavers world wide! Make sure you check out the selection of schwag over at BeaverMart to find what you like and enter the contest.

Entry is simple, send an e-mail to *We’re sorry but the contest has ended* with the subject line of “I want a shirt” to enter the shirt giveaway or “I want some stickers” for the sticker giveaway. Entries will be open until Midnight Eastern time but don’t wait, get your entries in! Good luck Beavers!

Free Strange Beaver stickers and shirt

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