Friday Freebie 6-19

Congratulations to John, Duane, Renee, Brian and Scott for winning the stickers

And congrats to Michael for winning the shirt

Thanks to all the Beavers that entered and if you didn’t win don’t worry, we’ll do this again real soon!

Friday Freebie Hey Beavers, we have a special treat for this Friday Freebie. We were going to do just stickers since they’ve been so popular lately but we wanted to up the ante a bit. We just got a new shipment of shirts in so for this freebie we’re doing two contests in one. 5 winners can choose any stickers they want and one lucky winner will get a Black Beaver logo shirt!

And some of the international Beavers have been feeling left out lately so this contest will be open to ALL Beavers world wide! Make sure you check out the selection of schwag over at BeaverMart and enter the contest.

Entry is simple, send an e-mail to *Sorry but the contest has ended* with the subject line of “I want a shirt” or “I want some stickers”. Entries will be open until Midnight Eastern time but don’t wait, get your entries in! Good luck Beavers!

black beaver shirt

Free Orange Beaver Stickers To Celebrate World MS Day!

Orange Beaver sticker for MS Hey Beavers, today is World MS Day and since it’s one of the causes we work hard to support, we want to help spread the love a bit. So for today only, Orange Basic Beaver decals are FREE! Just send an e-mail to *Sorry, this promotion has ended* with the subject line of “Orange sticker” and we’ll send you one. Since this is WORLD MS Day the deal is good for all Beavers world wide.

Also, Orange Beaver logo shirts are marked down to just $10 at BeaverMart. So if you’ve been wanting to get one now’s your chance to save a few bucks on it.

Orange Strange Beaver shirt

Tracy’s ‘Punk Girl’ Makeover

As many of you know our Beaver co-founder has been kicking butt the past couple of months as she’s beating breast cancer. A couple weeks ago it was getting time to start chemo so rather than wait for her hair to fall our she decided it would be better to lose it on her own terms. So we decided to shave her head and give her a punk look. So with the help of The Dead Milkmen here’s Tracy’s transformation. The hair now accents her closet full of Doc Martens, still trying to get her to put on some temporary tattoos but she’s not going for it.

StrangeBeaver Site Update

sold beaver Hey Beavers,

 As many of you know there’s been a lot of stuff going on here on the back end and we wanted to take a minute to bring everyone up to speed. We wanted to tell you last Friday since it was our 5 year anniversary but we couldn’t make the announcement then so we held off on the annual State of the Beaver Address and everything until we could give you all the details. SB has officially been sold. Now don’t go getting sad and saying goodbye, it’s just more of a restructuring and moving the parent company from a DBA to an Inc. So what does that mean for you the end user? Not a thing really. The site will stay the same but just be run a bit differently, and add a bit more legitimacy. I was told we needed to make a public notice of the move so consider yourself noticed. If you’re interested in the gritty details keep reading, otherwise please return to your normal browsing routine.

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