Show Us Your Beaver Contest – December 2014 Winner

Congratulations to Mike from Tampa for winning the December edition of the ‘Show Us Your Beaver’ contest. Although we try to encourage our fans to not place Beaver stickers on other people’s property, this one is just too cool. All the years of doing this and no one ever thought to find a stupid road sign? It’s so simple yet so awesome!

Congrats Mike, that $50 Visa gift card is all yours. For the rest of you, if you want to get in on the action then don’t forget to Show Us Your Beaver!

Show Us Your Beaver Contest - December 2014 winner

Strange Beaver’s Top 14 Of 2014

Best of 2014 It’s crazy to think that 2014 is almost over. It seems like just yesterday we were doing this for 2013. So in following our tradition, we’ve figured out just what you crazy Beavers were viewing on the site this year. Out of the over 1600 posts we did this year, we pulled the page stats, server logs, social mentions, all of it played a part in getting this list. And the results are actually a bit surprising.


So here you go, Strange Beaver’s top 14 posts from 2014


#14 – You Park Like A Prick #4
The age old issue that can make even the calmest person’s blood boil. Self entitled d-bags who can’t seem to master the not so complicated task of parking.
Parking Fail

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Happy Thanksgiving!

With today being Thanksgiving here in the US, we’re supposed to use this as an opportunity to give thanks for what we have in our lives. Sure I’m thankful for the usual things as everyone else like family, friends, etc. But one thing I’m extremely thankful for is YOU, the fans of Strange Beaver. When I started this site a while back it was just my own little corner of the internet to post the stupid things I found while surfing. A place where my friends could go to laugh or just get a brief escape from the everyday. I had no idea it would grow into what it has become but I’m thankful that it has. Every day thousands of people that I’ve never met come to this site to enjoy the randomness that I’ve found. Many of these people keep coming back, day after day, to see more. This site has evolved from just some idiot sitting on his couch posting stupid stuff in his spare time, to an idiot sitting on his couch posting stupid stuff in his spare time that lots of strangers seem to enjoy. Along the way I’ve made some new friends, seen some really cool things, learned new things and most of all, I’ve had fun. Through all the good times and bad, the ups and the downs, you guys have made it all worth it. For that, I’m thankful.

Thank you Beavers, and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving,