Show Us Your Beaver!

Each month fans from all over the world send in their Beaver pictures to try and win the ‘Show Us Your Beaver’ Contest.Wanna join the fun? The contest is pretty simple, just send us a picture of your Beaver. Now before you go getting all crazy on us there are some guidelines you need to follow:

All entries must have either a Strange Beaver logo or the full URL of You can use stickers, shirts, or even something you draw or make. You can do something ‘artsy’ or fun like draw the logo or write on your car window or something. Basically, you have to be able to look at the picture and associate it with our site. This contest is open to all Strange Beaver fans world wide and the monthly prize is a $50 Visa gift card that we will mail to you.

Examples of acceptable entries:

Beaver Badge pictures

Modified Beaver Badge pictures

Beaver logo stickers placed on something

Hanging out in a Beaver shirt

Or simply writing something that has “”

You can always get stickers, shirts and other merchandise over at BeaverMart. If you want to print out a Beaver Badge logo, you can use this one here:

Once you have your picture ready, submit it to It’s THAT easy!

The contest runs from the first day of the month until the last day of the month at midnight Eastern Time. All entries received after that will automatically be entered into the following month’s contest.

Got it? Good! Now be creative, have fun with it, and start sending in those entries!

Contest Rules
You must provide at least a first name and some general information when submitting the picture. That way when we announce the winner we can say “Joe Schmoe from Such N Such town won the contest”. As for general information, if it’s a picture of the back of your car, simply say so; if you are standing in front of a building, tell us where it is; you get the idea. Pictures must be sent to to be entered and counted. If you want your face blurred or cropped out of the picture please let us know when you e-mail it to us.

Due to some overenthusiastic fans an angry judge said we had to add some fine print and legal mumbo jumbo, so we found a lawyer type guy on Craigslist and came up with this:

By entering the Show Us Your Beaver Contest you are agreeing to the terms and rules of the contest. You give licensing rights to use your image for promotional purposes and for use on the site
Whatever activities engaged in by participants of the contest are taken at the particpants’ own risk, and any injuries, arrests, fines or defamation of character is the sole responsibility of those participants and anyone directly or indirectly affected by the events surrounding in any form whatsoever. Moreover, participants, their friends and family members, business, land and property owners hold harmless and it’s affiliates for any vandalism, property defacement, destruction, devaluation of property and the like, and participants agree to assume all liability, both civil and criminal for same.

What that means is if you go and spray paint our logo on someone’s cow or something we’re going to be all like “oh no, we don’t know that guy, he crazy”.

Privacy Policy and it’s affiliates will, under no circumstances, share your personal information with any other entity. Personal information including, but not limited to, e-mail address, postal mailing address and phone numbers, are only for the purpose of communicating with staff and you. Some companies try to sell mailing lists to make extra cash and since that’s a total dick thing to do we won’t share your information.