• Kiden

    Too bad from Derreck on down it seems more "Win" than "Fail".

  • PVC Bending

    this is freakin great.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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  • Half Baked Potatoes

    Haha they were funny. As soon as I seen the chopping board I thought the exact same thing.

    Half Baked Potatoes

  • kdjsnflkanfjksdan

    Funny, except for the "Single" one. Single is a noun depending on how you're using it. It's talking about a person, therefore; it is a noun. Look it up. That guy is stupid.

    • brian

      If stupid is not knowing grammar then 90 percent of people are stupid

    • Andrew

      In modern English the singular noun form of single generally only refers to dollar bills. In reference to a person it is pretty much exclusively used in the plural (e.g a group of singles, singles' dance). If you genuinely think you could ever get away with calling someone a 'single' without coming off as either foreign or stupid, you might be foreign. Or stupid. In fairness though, in the context of the made up definition the word is a noun. Just not one that exists in (American) English. Also, I don't know where you found a dictionary but I damn sure didn't put a bookshelf next to the frier. There puppies won't hush themselves.

    • Curtis

      you sir, are a moron.

  • Brent

    Kdjs… I think you need to look up the definition of a noun. I don't point at people and shout, "LOOK, IT'S A SINGLE!"

    Who is stupid, again?

    • Eilish

      Haven't you seen those ads that say "Hot singles in your area"? Yeah, singles is used as a noun.

  • Anon

    Brent is.

  • Kelsey

    In this case it would seem that "single" was appropriately labeled as a noun.

  • nathan

    "Singled" and "Singling" are verbs or nouns. "Single" is an adjective or verb. The use of the word is describing the man in this case. The man is single. Just as if you said the man is green. It's an adjective. You girls are still stupid. Look it up, really. Don't just try to argue.

  • pdowns363

    Seems like all of you need to utilize this big ol internet and look up the definition of single lol

  • I lol'd even harder at the comments. haha.

  • bobo

    single can be a noun if you are talking about a song, other than that it's an adjective.

  • zakhiah

    single can sometimes be a noun when it relates to whether someone is dating someone or not. It's an adjective when you say it's a single rose but when you are saying someone is single it's a noun in sometimes he's single she's single

    • anononono

      No. Say you replaced "She's single" with "She's greedy". "Greedy" is used as an adjective in this case, and so is the word "single" in the first example. It's the same concept.

    • dwindle

      Did any of you go to school? "Bob is single" – that's an adjective, not a noun.

  • Matt there

    a singles group or singles mingling place or whatever "singles" function there are is the only time the word is used as a noun. I believe the picture took its decision to make it a noun that way. People at these functions are "singles".

  • Pwnage

    I'd say the first three of the last four are wins actually. 4srsly

  • Chinity



    Only one; not one of several: "a single red rose".


    An individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group.


    Choose someone or something from a group for special treatment.


    adjective. sole – unmarried – only – lone – individual – solitary

    verb. select – choose – cull – pick out – separate

    Google search- it's an amazing new thing on the internet!

  • asdfghjkl

    If you say the word "single" too many times it doesn't even sound like a word anymore


    You all are acting like you're in third grade! Girls are stupid! NO boys are stupid! GROW UP! Why do you care so much? Why are people so annoying on the internet.

    • Suan Li

      MAPOTI -_-

    • Alex

      Why do you care?

  • Bob

    Gabe’s Internet Fuckwad Theory. Google it; it explains everything.

  • brian

    That chick totally pwned that other chick by calling her a whore etc. why cant I have entertaining friends like them on facebook.

    • Mason

      Wow. Calling someone a whore just because they enjoy having sex or have a lot of sex. Super hilarious. Guess I'm a whore too then.

  • Alex

    The last one is stupid, the scale only measures in full grams. Making it ineffective for weed use.

    • Lucid

      not ineffective at all, its easy to eye-ball under a gram and not everybody is a cheap jew like you and buys more than 1 g..

      • dwindle

        What is the point of even weighing it if you're just going to "eye ball" it? Shit I buy is $25 a gram, you bet I weigh it precise.

    • dwindle

      That, and the fact that a scale can't work that way.

  • Khondoker

    Haha they were funny.

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  • prozack

    I dont get the pepper one

    • The little cartoon burnout guy is implying the scale would be used for measuring illegal substances

  • אייל טנדלר

    What type of people are you friends on facebook?