How Companies Got Their Names

From the company’s original name, Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company. It was changed to 3M when the company changed it’s focus to innovative new products.

Renamed from “U-Tote’m” in 1946 to reflect their newly extended hours, 7am until 11pm.

The company name was taken from it’s founder Adolf Dassler whose first name was shortened to the nickname “Adi”. Together with the first three letters of his surname it formed Adidas.

The name Adobe came from the Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of Co-Founder John Warnock.
Jeff Bezos wanted a name for his company that began with “A” so that it would appear early in alphabetic order. He began looking through the dictionary and settled on “Amazon” because it was the river he considered the biggest in the world, as he hoped his company would be.

Founder August Horch found a name for the company by translating his name, which means “hark!”, “Listen!”, into Latin. Horch’s name was already in use by his previous car manufacturing company. Four rings represented the auto union of Audi with DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

Named after the company’s first camera, the Kwanon, in turn named after the Japanese name of the Buddihst Bodhisattiva of Mercy. In 1935 Kwanon was changed to Canon to be better accepted by people worldwide.

Derived from the coca leaves and kola nuts used as flavoring. Founder John S. Pemberton changed the “K” of kola to “C” to make the name look better.

Originally, the sute belonged to Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar’s consulting firm. Omidyar had tried to register the domain, but found it already taken by the Echo Bay Mines, a gold mining company, so he shortened it to his second choice,

In order to one-up his former employers (National Cash Register), Tom Watson Sr called his company International Business Machines.

A composite of the first letters in the Swedish Founder Ingvar Kamprad’s name, plus the first letters of the names of the property and the village in which he grew up- Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.

Shortened from Integrated Electronics.

Combination of the Danish “Leg Godt”, which means to “Play well”. Lego also means “I put together” in Latin, but the Lego group claims this is only a coincidence.

Named for the Greek Goddess of Victory. The swoosh symbolizes her flight.

Shortened version of the Nippon Kogaku, meaning “Japanese optical”

Transliteration of the company’s Japanese name, Nintendou. The first (Nin) can be translated as to “entrusted”; Ten-dou means “heaven”.

The company was earlier known by the name Nippon Sangyo which means “Japan Industries”.

Started as a wood-pulp mill, the company expanded into producing rubber products in the Finnish city of Nokia.

Named from the digestive enzyme Pepsin.

Comes from the Afrikaans spelling of Rhebok, a type of African antelope.

Shortened from Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget which means “Swedish Aeroplane Company”

Shortened from Service Games of Japan which was founded by Marty Bromley (An American) to import pinball games to Japan for use on American military bases.

Took it’s name from one of it’s founder’s first inventions, the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil.

The original concept was Sky-Peer-To-Peer, which morphed into Skyper, then Skype

From the Latin word “sonus” meaning sound, and “sonny” a slang word used by Americans to refer to a bright youngster.

Named after Starbuck, a character in Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick

Combination of Veritas (Latin for “truth”) and horizon

When Richard Branson was starting a business, one of the girls suggested: “What about virgin? We’re complete virgins at business.”

From voice, data, telefone

Wendy was the nickname of Founder Dave Thomas’ daughter Melinda

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