Resignation of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designer Sharjeel Ahmad took a witty approach to quitting:

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to inform you that I hereby resign from your organization…
AHEM!!!…NO!!!! WAIT A MINUTE…That doesn’t sounds quite right. I am not a Banker
nor a Chartered Accountant, neither a Brand Manager, who is content to just resign in the “proper”, rigidly formatted, carefully worded, suited-booted MS-WORD document.

I am a Graphic Designer after all! There’s nothing or proper about that. Maybe I should resign in Comic Sans? But then my peers/colleagues will judge me badly if i write in that accursed font! So lets keep it “clean” like Helvetica (emotionless) and Bodoni (Industrial)

So here goes my Resignation!

SugarFree Sir/Madam,

I am fed up! Today (like any other day) the morning coffee tasted staler than ever, the chair didn’t cheer me “good morning”, and predictably the wifi stopped giving signals all of a sudden! Are these some kind of signals from the “Powers that be”? Most likely YES! Because in Design every dot has a meaning, and every line has a story – but i want to put another dot after the story and that’s called FULL STOP!

The Client’s whining is so tightly kerned, its not even legible anymore hence making it impossible for me to read between the lines (as I’m magically expected to do) because of the poor Leading too.

I have spent my whole life learning the mystery and effectiveness of my color theory but what to do if my client’s wife likes to see Fuchsia in a Black n White print ad?

I am allergic to bevel & emboss believe me it doesn’t make a design perfect, I hate drop shadows and i am simply not-interested in redoing the logos…in fact I don’t want to re-look at what I have done because I believe design is intuitive and pure, what you do first is the purest form!

The endless, unlabeled ‘Layers’ of the client’s demands and Photoshop filters has corrupted the system. I don’t think the file is of any use; its better to accept the fact that the only option left is QUIT without Saving!

Tomorrow I will be opening a new system somewhere else, with fresh coffee and a cheering chair just like a new designer will come to your organization with the same feeling open new file and let a new design begin.


Note: All characters appearing in this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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