Down Stage Right: Pilot Episode

Here’s the pilot of a new web series that has a lot of potential. Why do we have so much faith in it? Because it’s directed and produced by two of our very own Beavers! Directed by Matt and with our resident “Jackass Extraordinaire” The_Dave helping produce, Down Stage Right is a behind the scenes look at the exciting world of community theater set as a mockumentary style show.

Oh, see that familiar face playing the part of Frank Bennett? That’s our old friend Jay Moore who played Mr Davis in NSFW

Here’s the synopsis:

The Calmwater Little Theatre has been producing the best of the county’s theatrical wonders in its 150-year existence. But Artistic Director James Jameson has a plan up his sleeve to really sky rocket the theatre’s profile and prestige: He wants it to be the next stop for plays and musicals headed to Broadway. He decides to kick off his initiative by commissioning a brand new musical based on a recent best-selling novel and hires a documentary crew to follow the process. DSR explores the funny and often jaw-dropping world of community theatre as veterans vie for positions of power with newcomers and complete amateurs try to wrap their heads around creating a new musical.

Watch it! Like it! Love it!

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