Macklemore – Thrift Shop – “Game Shop” Parody

If you have Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit single Thrift Shop stuck in your head and grew up in the ’90s buying video games…this one’s for you. From Black Ops and Halo, all the way back to Jet Moto and Goldeneye 64, prepare for nostalgia to smack you in the ears.

Starring: Tim and Alfredo, Naomi Kyle, Linda Le (VampyBitMe), Harley (Epic Meal Time), Phil Wang (Wong Fu Productions), Tonedeff (QN5 Music), Lisa Foiles, ScreenTeamShow, GakAttack, Ali Baker (RoosterTeeth), Ashley Jenkins, Amarisse Sullivan, Greg Miller, Brian Altano, Daemon Hatfield, BobbyA1984, Colin Moriarty, Audrey Drake, Destin Legarie, Casey Lynch, Christine Cain, Shanna Bertain, Craig Beridon, Mark Ryan Sallee, Peer Schneider, Steve Butts, Andrew Goldfarb, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Clements, and Fran Mirabella III.

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