Fox Force Five in Kill Bill

Remember the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene in Pulp Fiction where Uma Therman is talking about the TV show she shot a pilot for? If you piece together Kill Bill, you’ll see all the Fox Force Five characters are in it

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  • Mary

    Most if not all of Tarantino's films connect to each other in some way, whether it be a character's last name making them be a part of their family tree, or in this case, a movie within the Pulp Fiction universe.

    • Of course, the Sheriff who discovers Uma Thurman's character, is Earl McGraw, the same sheriff from Dusk till Dawn (where he dies in the beginning), and both Grindhouse movies (where Tarantino directed one of the two films).

  • Wade Wilson

    i would have never known…. never watched pulp fiction

  • Stephen Truelove

    Bullshit. Just coincidental. Watch Kill Bill. Not only were there more assassins…the character descriptions from Pulp Fiction do not match. Just because there were women in the Fox Force Five and there were women in the group of assassins in Kill Bill does not mean that it was meant to be foreshadowing.

    • Jaw-V

      You do realize that Uma and Tarantino were already working on kill bill when pulp fiction was being filmed. It might not have been exact due to it changed by the time the final product was made but it was def out in there to link kill bill again as was the sword bruce willis had that ima uses in kill bill