Jerk Biker Gets Owned

This motorcyclist is out with his buddies when he feels that a car came too far over into his lane. So instead of carrying on and going about his way he does the next best thing. He gets his buddies to harass the other driver then tries to start a confrontation. He breaks the car’s side mirror and the driver teaches him a lesson. Usually we side with bikers, but this guy was asking for it

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  • guest

    The lady was clearly passing other vehicles at the first, the biker needs to learn how to share the road and patience. Turning the corner was a good move on her part, him following indicates aggression. She is right in defending herself, up to insuring the confrontation ends there by taking out his bike with no personal injury.

  • teths

    wow, that biker was so asking for it…. chalk one up for the small guy or girl as the case maybe 😉