The New Beaver Mobile

For a few years now we’ve had this old Jeep that we used to haul our crap to the walk-a-thons or to conventions or just whenever we needed to do some kind of promo work. It was unofficially nicknamed “Beaver1”

It made a few guest appearances on the sight here and there, most recently on Slurpee Day!

Sadly, a few weeks ago we had to retire Beaver1 and put it out to pasture šŸ™

But don’t be sad! The new Beaver1 is ready to go! Beaver1.2 if you will.

Be on the lookout for it’s sister truck, Beaver2 which is here but just waiting on decals.

As an added bonus, we finally had a few of the new “Nana badges” printed up as prototypes.

The story behind it:
I was visiting my old Nana one day. She’s 88 and generally just spouts nonsense and uses old lady phrases like calling scissors “shears” or a couch a “davenport”. So anyway, she’s talking about organizing a photo album she was working on and how tedious it was and she said that she would just keep “beavering on”. I was like, hey, WTF did you just say? So with the power of Google I found that yes, it’s a real saying, and yes, it actually means something! So the idea got floated around, a design was made, and Bob’s Your Uncle here it is!

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