The 80s Called – RadioShack’s Awesome 80s Star Packed Super Bowl Commercial

One of the coolest commercials from last night’s Super Bowl was the new RadioShack campaign to show that they’re tired of being irrelevant and want to update their image. They embraced the fact that the stores haven’t changed much in the past few decades and had a star studded 80s themed throwback commercial where they rip apart the store. This one is jam packed too, Mary Lou Retton, Devo, Kid N Play, Erik Estrada, Dee Snider, Sgt Slaughter, Cliff from Cheers, ALF (freakin ALF!) and they even managed to pull Hulk Hogan off Bubba The Love Sponge’s ex-wife to get him in on the action. Then they pile everything onto a Delorean and speed away. It was brilliant!

The 80s called … they want their store back. 80s celebrities invade a RadioShack to take back their old stuff and make room for the RadioShack of the future.

More videos below

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