Symphony in the Stars- Star Wars Weekends 2014 – 3 Videos

For years Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios would conclude with a character filled musical dance off called Hyperspace Hoopla. But due to some of the purists in the Star Wars fan community there has always been some negative feedback to the shows. And let’s be honest here, the majority of the people that complained were probably the same ones that wouldn’t think of going to Star Wars Weekend in the first place because they think Disney is evil. At any rate, this year Disney tried to clean up the image and make the show more ‘tasteful’. So that means no more awesome scenes like Chewbacca break dancing with Padme and Slave Leia (which is the real injustice here). Nope, none of that craziness. Now it’s just a character finale that feels more like a drawn out photo op. It’s still cool to see all the characters they have there, but it’s surely not as entertaining.

Here’s the video of the new Star Wars Weekends 2014 character finale

Here’s the Symphony in the Stars fireworks at Star Wars Weekends 2014

The only real ‘entertaining’ piece they offered was some stormtroopers go over what’s on their MP3 players and one ends up dancing to “Let It Go” from Frozen

Check out Inside The Magic for their full review of the show along with some photos

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