Palentine’s Day Needs To Be A Thing!

The folks over at ManCrates are trying to help us be best buds by officially declaring August 14th ‘Palentine’s Day’. What is this new holiday? It’s a chance for guys to give their buddies a gift to thank them for their awesome broness over the year. Your friends may deserve a token of appreciation for all those cracks on their significant other, all those nut shots, or that time you ditched them at the bar because you had a chance of hooking up with that girl that was out of your league. You know your buddy has had your back, so we should acknowledge them.

To help kick things off, they posted this funny article on how Hollywood pals celebrate Palentine’s Day. And make sure you check out our friends at, they’re the perfect source for gifts for men.

Happy Palentine's Day

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