Who Wants To Be A Guinea Pig?

Alright Beavers, we have something a little different for you. A few weeks ago we showed you this teaser of the new Beaver shirts we’ve been working on.

New Beaver shirt on the press A few years ago we sent out some car magnets that the supplier had messed up and we felt really bad about it. So now, before we add any items to BeaverMart they have to go through a major ‘testing’ phase. We’ve been testing some of these new shirts since we got them and they are holding up really well. Since we can only wash and wear so many shirts at a time, we figured it was time to reach out for some help. That’s where you come in! We want you, our fans to help us out. We’re picking 10 fans that want to be guinea pigs and try out the new shirts before they’re available to everyone else. We’ll send you a shirt, and some other random stickers and stuff and all you have to do is wear it around looking cool as can be then tell us what you think about it. Sounds easy huh? Of course it does! But there’s a few things we’re looking for:

  • We’d like to use fans in the US. No offense to our international fans but we’re trying to do this quickly and some times shipping internationally causes a delay.
  • You have to wear and wash it at least a few times, please wash it, no one likes a smelly Beaver
  • You have to be willing to fill out a brief questionnaire letting us know what you think about the shirt.
  • Not a requirement, but it would be super cool if you could send in a pic of you wearing the shirt!
  • Most importantly, keep being awesome 😉
  • If all this sounds cool to you, then please send your name and shirt size to Whoa, you guys are awesome. We have a ton of e-mails and we’re picking the 10 lucky Beavers now. If you didn’t get picked don’t worry, we’ll do this again soon. We’ll pick 10 super awesome Beaver fans and let you know when you’ll receive your shirt. Here’s a preview of the black shirt, but don’t worry, we have a ton of other colors to choose from
    new black Beaver shirt

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