Friday Freebie 3-13

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Free stuff! Alright Beavers, we have a special Freebie this time. With all the crap going on the Freebies haven’t really been as regular as I would like so let’s try and make up for lost time. I have a ton of stickers for BeaverMart that are waiting to find new homes in the hands of our awesome fans, I also have a book of stamps and a stack of envelopes, so lets give some away!

This Freebie is a pick your sticker Freebie.

You want one of the new vinyl Beaver Badges? You got it! You want a Baby Beaver Badge? It’s yours! You want one of each and a Pink Basic Beaver decal? Consider it done! The new vinyl weather resistant Beaver Badges were just added to the store so those are up for grabs. So pick any stickers you want up to 3 and they’re yours. You can go to BeaverMart and see the selection, then just send an e-mail to sorry Beavers, the contest window is closed with the subject line of ‘Stickers!’. Entries are open until Midnight EST tonight and I’ll start off with 20 winners. Maybe more, depends on if I start getting wild later on tonight. Good luck Beavers!

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