Wil Wheaton Geeks Out On Beer, Star Trek, and Wine With William Shatner

In the newest episode of Brown Bottle Wine Tasting, Wil Wheaton, tastes wine with William Shatner and laments about always wanting to be commander of the Star Trek Enterprise when he was a kid. Plus, why kids today have all the luck with new video game advances and what it means to be a nerd. “Being a nerd isn’t about what you love. It’s the way you love it!”

“There’s something that happens in video games that just can’t happen in movies… they are interactive.” He adds, “When I was a kid. I was crazy about Star Trek. I was over the moon about Star Trek and I always wanted to be in command of the Enterprise.” “Today, I could go to Star Trek Online and I could command a starship of my own!”

After a conversation about Wil’s new bottled beer, a Belgian style Dubbel. Bill and Wil discuss the living organisms of yeast within beer. ‘Are you drinking a living thing?’ Wil says yes! And they (the yeast) are “Hopefully, having a party.” Through it all they find themselves discussing the possibility of other living organisms as well as the third dimension.

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