I Want A Slumber Party With Adam Scott!

OK, I know it sounds creepy, but the Parks & Rec star is doing an awesome contest and I’m going to win it! Adam is offering to crash your sleepover all in the name of helping out the National MS Society which as you all know is one of our favorite causes. I can see it now, Adam and I wearing some PJs with the little footsies, making smores, building a pillow for with a sign that says ‘No girls allowed’, it’ll be a blast! The contest is pretty neat, you donate to the NMSS for chances to win so I’m breaking open the piggy bank to try and sway the entries my way. If you want to try and block me that’s cool too, you can check out the contest rules here. And if one of you Beavers wins this you have to invite me! I’ll order a pizza or something.

Shrek donkey - I'm making waffles

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