How People Eat Fries Around the World (Infographic)

Would you like fries with that? Of course you would. Whether they’re fries, frites, chips or wedges – these crispy, salty potato sticks are loved all over the world. From their freshly cooked mouth-watering scent, their golden crust to their fluffy innards – the humble fried potato has a soft spot in many people’s hungry hearts.

If you’re having a starchy carb craving, then there’s good news: sharing is caring, and most people tend to care. According to a recent survey[1], a whopping 84% of Canadians say they’re happy to share their fries, so go ahead and sneak a few off a friend. However, such generosity isn’t always sheer altruism. 72% of people admit they’ve encouraged friends to order a larger serving of fries simply to mooch off their mates.

Whether you’re buying your own, sneaking a few off a dining companion’s plate or scoffing them down after a big night out with not much forethought: just remember there’s probably someone else in the world doing the same. Being the universal treat they are, each culture will have its own take on the basic recipe.

There’s more to life than just salt. Try the Indian variation: a sprinkling of chilli powder for a flavoursome kick and some turmeric of a deliciously yellow glow. Bored of just ketchup and mayo? Then dunk, smother or drench your fries in curry sauce, UK style. And when you want fries to be a respectable meal in themselves, try pairing them with mussels for a classy Belgian main, or with spiced tomato sauce for a Spanish bar snack.

And for all the French fries fiends out there, remember to pencil in your diary ‘National French Fry Day’, celebrated every July 13[2]. Of course, it’s still a while away, so you have plenty of time to start planning and booking your global fried potato adventure. Need any more inspiration? Just have a look at the fun infographic we’ve produced below and bring on the fries cravings.


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