10 Secret Movie Moments That Actors Don’t Want You To See!

Which scene did Margot Robbie shoot for Suicide Squad that she wants to keep hidden? 10 Secret Movie Moments That Actors Don’t Want You To See!
Movies are a great way to decompress and add some entertainment to our lives. A lot of times we don’t think about what goes on behind the scenes until long after the movies came out.
Emilia Clarke rides a green contraption to simulate her dragon before it is created with computer graphics.
Andrew Garfield is seen swinging on a cable contraption and inside a warehouse behind the scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man.
Jon Gries from Napoleon Dynamite is a real life vegetarian and could not eat the steak he was supposed to in the film.
Marty McFly’s clothing in Back to the Future: Part 2 had to be operated by a crew of five. Unfortunately the technology wasn’t real back then.
The filming for the Russian scenes in Goldeneye were not in Russia but actually a model they created like they used in Star Wars and other films.
Ralph Fiennes and Michael Gambon who play Voldemort and Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films seem to be having a nice conversation behind the scenes rather.
One of the infamous scenes in Titanic is where the ship is vertical and about to sink into the ocean. They could not recreate the entire ship for the movie and ended up creating a portion of it for this scene.
The Beast from The Sandlot was created by two men in a suit operating the legs while the dog’s body rested on top of theirs.
Chloe Moretz plays Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass 2 and in one photo she is about to be tossed by Mother Russia.
Margot Robbie was photographed behind scenes with Jared Leto, her costar, playing as the joker.
This list is only a fraction of what happens behind the scenes. There will always be things that surprise us after the movies come out.

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