Meme Of The Week 6-17

This week’s meme is “Meanwhile In X”

The Back Story: The Meanwhile X meme uses the old redirection from the silent movie era where if you wanted to redirect the story to a different location a slide would come up that said something along the lines of “Meanwhile, back at the ranch”. Sometime in February 2010, a flipped image of a Holden Commodore with the caption “Meanwhile in Australia” appeared on 4chan for the first time. An allusion to the age-old joke that everything in Australia is “upside down”, the image quickly became a favorite re-blog material on image board sites, blog networks and aggregator services. Since then, multiple variations with countries or locations and their stereotypes have been posted.

The set up: Take any picture that can illustrate ridiculous and absurd situations that are easily identified as stereotypical of a certain ethnicity, nationality, occupation or subculture and add the captions.

More images are available in the gallary

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