Why Isn’t This UPS Working?

A customer brought an APC UPS 600 to a computer shop because it wasn’t working. Once the techs pulled the cover off, they found the problem.

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  • Anon

    Safe to say this computer was

    *Puts on sunglasses*



    • admin

      ROFL Anon, +1 internets to you

  • Unknown



    Safe to say this is not a computer 😛

  • Kilgore Trout

    They got robbed.

  • pricehunter

    ok thats good totally lol'd

  • Rapid Backlink

    Yup, This Customer Either Purchased a "Bricked" Unit on eBay/Craigslist by some scum sucking scammer . . . .

    or maybe this customer maybe SUSPECTED he was being screwed by this Computer Service Shop, and was testing to see how smart they really where . . . .

    or possibly the Customer is a Scammer, trying to rip off this Computer Service Shop . . .

    Either Way LMFAO, OMG The Crap People Pull

  • Kelp the Ethiopian

    lol what a stupid a$$ n1gg3r!!!!!!!!!

  • fajas colombianas

    His pc is officially bricked

  • J0j0

    You win the blurriest pictures of the internets award….

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  • GSMPedia

    There's your problem!

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  • bob

    why do people keep saying its a computer then follow it with (BRICKED). now i am crying… there's no hope left in the world. when you see a bike, do you call it a car? (still crying)

  • anon o mys

    Bricked means your computer has completely stopped working to the point of never again being functional. c'mon bob get with the times man… also this is a joke, noone would ever try to repair an apc ups. That would be like bringing your nintendo to nintendo to get it fixed, you'd just be laughed at and told to buy a wii!

  • Im with Bob

    @ anon o mys: he is saying that these dumbasses do not understand that the hardware in the pictures is not a computer but a UPS

  • Jeeem

    There is an epidemic of this very thing going on in China. Many savvy customers buying privately will now request to take the unit apart before buying it, which naturally most scam salespeople will refuse to allow them to do.

    My friend purchased an external hard drive in Xingtang, near Dongguan, Guanddong province, that was wired to "appear" legit…plugged into a computer's USB port it showed the correct memory but it was only a cheap thumb drive that had been hacked electronically and soldered into place. The unit was heavy, like the photo's on this site, as the scammer had inserted a lead weight inside and surrounded it with styrofoam packing material.

    He got the thing home and was using it when he smelled burning rubber…the styrofoam had caught fire and was smoking. Similar to the guy on this website, he took it into a shop and the repairman revealed he'd been ripped off for some five or six thousand Chinese Yuan. The thumb drive alone, since it was hacked, only was good for something like eight or nine hundred megabytes, if that.

    Sad that there are people like that in this world, but you've gotta be aware of it when you're purchasing something off eBay, or some other place where an illegitimate seller can't be traced.


  • Tim

    That is great!

    I am guessing the customer never came back to pick that one up and was mare than likely unreachable.

    On the other hand the story is funnier if the customer bought it and got ripped off.

  • Alnitak

    Well, I bet it was around the right weight at least. >.>

  • Low cost computer re

    non o mys: he is saying that these dumbasses do not understand that the hardware in the pictures is not a computer but a UPS