Things Ruined By Kids

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  • Andrew

    Why would you leave all that paint just lying there?!

  • travis

    The only reason kids get like this is because they are unsupervisied by uncaring parents. Every parent here has a "fancy house" or a "new car." well you don't buy that shit when you have kids, moron.

  • Terry

    I find it very hard to believe that all kids are this destructive.. I was never this destructive!!

    Sure, I made a mess and didn’t always pick up my toys, but I never absolutely destroyed furniture or electronics. At 4, I could already work electronics better than my parents.. my grandma had a physical therapy machine that she made me set up for her.

    These are either really stupid kids or really bad parents.

  • Mandi

    I find it funny at the comments saying these are bad parents. Obviously the people who post that load of crap have never had kids. I bet you're thinking "if I had kids I would watch them every second and teach them to be a constructive member of society and feed their curious nature". Well guess what, that's what we all thought before we had kids. Trust me, they are destructive, self centered, goblins with no logical reasoning whatsoever. Also I can promise you that your kids wont be any different. However we love them all the more for it. I bet each of the children above got a time out, but I also bet they still got a warm dinner, a bedtime story, and a kiss goodnight. Don't judge a parent by a child's need to experiment.



  • Derp


    You were all kids once too. But, you probably think "I wasn't THAT bad/spoiled/stupid when I was a kid." You probably said the same thing your senior year of high school about incoming freshmen.

  • andrea

    "But, you probably think “I wasn’t THAT bad/spoiled/stupid when I was a kid.” "

    When I graduated I went straight into university, no problems with my grades as high as they were. 5 years later grads from my same high chool had to write entrance exams. They were not as good as us, their grads had become meaningless. Why? No expectations, lowered standards, geared to LCD. I was NOT as stupid and incompetent as those freshman coming in when I was leaving AND the universities back up that assessment.


    Unfortunately we had rules and unpleasant consequences for not following the rules. It wasn't all bad, we also got rewards.

    That attitude of "its ok" is what this represents. No its not OK, change the behaviours. It shows with these kids, it shows with HS grads, it shows in the workplace. The dummy down effect!

    OMG we had age APPROPRIATE EXPECTATIONS put on us…what a concept. WE also HAD TO EARN things (allowances, respect, rewards), another novel concept for later generations.

  • Heff


  • frodo

    Totally shopped – I can tell by looking at the pixels… they are all wrong, and there are to many!

  • Mary

    Not all of these would take long to accomplish by some very busy 4-6 yr olds…but others, I would have to say had to be some kids left alone for QUITE awhile. I raised two daughters, neither did either of these stunts…but I like the fact that the one with the couch has the child "cleaning up". HONESTLY, how long did it take her to do that much damage, its the WHOLE couch & A LOT of different colors, this didn't happen in 5 minutes. The trampoline one, assuming the cans were closed, in the picture there is 4 "seeable" cans of paint and a pan…how long did it take a kid to open the cans, dump it on the trampoline & I am assuming they had to pack it from somewhere, it wasn't just sitting there by the trampoline! Those I kind of wonder about! Besides, who would allow paint (or permanent markers for that matter) to sit where a small child could get hold of it anyway. Its called responsibility!

  • @Mandi FYI, I did have kids. They were far from perfect and I can't say they never broke anything or made messes. But they never did anything like these pictures. For one thing, I was responsible enough that I didn't leave paint and things like that where they could reach it. For their creative impulses, they always had water-soluble finger paints and plenty of paper. They also learned at a very early age that any mess made off the paper, they were going to clean themselves. Not as a punishment, because accidents do happen. But as learning to be responsible for their actions. Luckily, they were never friends with kids who had careless, uncaring parents such as you seemed to be.

  • Cheese

    Parents who feel the need to watch their kids' every move are neurotic control freaks who churn out useless and pathetic members of society.

  • firstmate

    The phone in water can probably be salvaged by removing the battery and simcard and gently warming.

  • Alexander

    This cracked me up. Odds are, there was more than one kid involved in most of these. 1. the little kid who wants to make a trouble. and 2. the big kid who has the know how, and physical capabilities.

    When I was about 3, my brother got ahold of the baby powder and gave it to me. I noticed that if you squeezed it, a cloud would come out. So I shook it. My parents were just a couple minutes too late. I was one powdery kid.

  • nanons

    these kids are just douche bags. thats all.

  • Child proof your house. Please.

  • FredZilch

    Thank God for vasectomies.

  • JB

    Many good reasons why not to have kids. Kids= the devil. Every parent=devil worshipers(Clearly. And yeah, even my parents) lol jk 😛

  • Jaci

    Okay, obviously these kids shouldn't be blamed because their parents are too irresponsible to pay attention to them and make sure they don't destroy their shit.

  • SapphireMind

    Shit happens. Not all of that is from horrible parenting. In the span of time it took me to unload my dryer, take it to the family room to fold, I saw my 8 mo daughter crawling from the den, covered in chocolate sauce. My 3 yo had pretty much emptied a bottle of it into our den (yes, it was a new house too) That's why chocolate sauce was banned for 4 years! But shit happens sometimes. But you roll with it, teach them why it's wrong and hopefully they don't repeat the performance.

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