Happy Bikini Day!

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the debut of the bikini! You can read about the remarkable invention by designer Louis Reard (HERE) or just scroll down to give praise to his awesome idea.

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  • bry68

    next 2 last girl looks like a dudes face

    • admin

      They have faces?

  • barf

    the 2nd to last pic: that's a MAN, baby! check out that square chin and those huge shoulders he's trying to hide under those extensions!

  • killer

    2nd last pic a man MOLE

  • Keely

    If THAT's a man, I finally found a man I can LOVE!

  • 340

    the second being a man is debatable but the nipple showing is not.

  • jason

    The 7th girl is GORGEOUS! Holy shit on a shingle!

  • Fred

    There's enough silicone in them pictures to seal Hoover Dam.

  • Peter Pan

    With the exception of the last 2 – they are all stunners

  • nick

    that is not a mole…its the herps

  • Why is it that these post that have women in bathing suits are always white? Where are the black women?!

  • Bob

    does any of these girls have sex tapes?

  • vinh

    Whats the name of the first girl.