Give Joe The Bird

A few years ago, The Onion ran an article about a Shirtless Joe Biden washing his Trans Am in front of the White House. It was snark and satire at it’s finest but thanks to the internet, the meme stuck and this image has been floating around for 2 years.

After last night’s debate performance, many people were cheering for the renewed enthusiasm of “Uncle Joe” and this morning a simple post entitled “I think we should get the internet to buy Biden a Trans Am” showed up on Fark. The post was met with the typical enthusiasm snark and real life trolling generally produces. And by that we mean within a few hours the ball was rolling on something epic. was set up and forwarded to an Indiegogo campaign to raise founds to buy VP Biden the car.

Now since we have a long history with we found it only fitting to help spread the word. Ultimately it will most likely be auctioned off and the money given to charity, but regardless of your political affiliation, here’s your chance to help turn an internet meme into a reality! Go to

And on facebook

Charities that will benefit:
Biden Breast Health Initiative
Doctors Without Borders
the Wounded Warrior Project

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