Four Part Films [Infographic]

Next Friday June 27th will mark the theatrical release of the fourth Transformers film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. Of course we’re excited for the Autobots, the special effects, and the star-studded cast, but one of the things we’re most looking forward to? The “will it be a hit, or will it tank” guessing game! Fourth installments of film franchises are historically unpredictable. Sometimes [Jaws] they’re the biggest flop in the series, and other times [Mission: Impossible] they are even more highly regarded than the original!

This cool infographic below is a look back at 15 famous quadrilogy films and how they performed. We charted each movie’s domestic box office earnings (adjusted for inflation), alongside its IMDb user rating. How do you think Transformers will stack up?

Four Part Films Infographic
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