RIP Robin Williams

It was shocking hearing the news tonight of Robin Williams dying. Here was a man that we had known for years. He entertained us in countless movies, shows and standup. He made us cry, he made us think, and always made us laugh. But it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t do that for him. Social media is currently blowing up with this news and an outpouring of emotion is filling up the net. So home come someone so loved would take their own life? Sadly, as hard as it is to comprehend the answer is very simple, depression. Here was a man loved the world over blinded by one of the things many don’t ever want to talk about. Mental illness is not something to take lightly, it affects people in all walks of life young and old, black and white, rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. We all have bad days, we all have things go wrong in our lives, but trust me, it will get better, there’s always a reason to hang on. If you’re ever feeling low and you get to that dark place, REACH OUT! There are many people and places that can help you. Don’t want your friends or family to know what’s going on? Then call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) – (If you’re not in the US there are contact numbers on this Wiki page). There’s tons of great people there that will talk to you. Hell, if you want, contact us! We can watch videos of people getting hit in the nuts or something or we can just talk, whatever you want, we’ll do it. Just remember, you’re never alone, there is always someone there. Someone has felt pain like you’re feeling, and it will get better.

Goodnight funny man, and thanks for all the laughs

Robin Williams

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