Credit Card FAKE SIGNATURE Experiment

Comedians Greg Benson and Mark Malkoff test their theory that signing for credit card purchases is completely pointless. How far can they push it? And why does this outdated ritual still exist?

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  • Somebody

    Ok, so lets make something more clear here… validating the signature against the back of the card was never really the purpose of signing the receipt. Signing the receipt was done for purchase VALIDATION purposes, i.e., anti-FRAUD. I.e., if you call in and say to your credit card company “I didn’t buy that”, then they obtain the signed receipt and say to you “you sure this wasn’t your signature?”

    I mean think about it… if they have a problem verifying your identity via your signature matching the back of the card (which is impossible to sign properly anyway, since its HARD PLASTIC), then “may we see your driver’s license please?”