Cool Map Showing Every State’s Supernatural Claim To Fame

every state's supernatural claim to fame

Strange sounds in old houses, unusual lights in the sky, the blur of a mysterious creature in the corner of your photograph… the unknown is certainly out there. Every state has its own legends, landmarks, and unexplained events, but which are the most interesting in each state?

Our friends over at Movoto Real Estate Blog, are kind of fond of the supernatural, and they were more than willing to answer that question. So with a little digging, they pinned down each state’s biggest, or at least most fascinating, paranormal claim to fame.

Feel free to explore their interactive map below that looks at these sorts of unusual bragging rights:

Supernatural States Map

Strange Creatures

Everyone knows Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but what about the lesser known cryptids out there?

The Jackalopes of Wyoming are definitely worth a look, as is the Bear Lake Monster, and Champ in Vermont. And if you’re ever in West Virginia, you should definitely stop by Point Pleasant during the Mothman Festival.

Spiritual Anomalies

People have probably seen a haunted house or two in their lifetime, and maybe they’ve even visited Estes Park’s Stanley Hotel.

You can get your daily dose of demonic posession by looking up Brookfield’s famous Demon Murder Trial, or experience a bit of magic by visiting Adams, home of the Bell Witch.

Visitors From Other Worlds

Who hasn’t looked up at the sky and wondered if we’re alone in the universe? Well, there have been a few times when people done that and seen someone looking back.

The Pascagoula Abduction is one of the most prominent, and more recently there have been sightings of black triangle UFOs over Kansas City.

Of course, there’s always the ever-famous Area 51 or Roswell, New Mexico, if you want something more classic

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