Why Orlando Would Be An Awesome Location For A Walking Dead Spin Off

“The Walking Dead” is a nearly unstoppable cultural phenomenon. The television show is setting unprecedented records, and now the undead nightmare can’t be contained to simply one show. A second spin-off show, set in a new city, with a new batch of survivors, is on the way.

So, all of the alive and breathing folks at the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided to throw AMC a bone and use numbers and math and all the luxurious tools people can use when they don’t need to fight for their lives, to help narrow it down a bit.

And what do you know? There must be something magical—or unlucky—in the water in Florida, as their fleshy, undead metrics have chosen Orlando as the perfect location for the next show.

Check out the map and details below on how they came up with this location:

(Click for full size)
The Walking Dead in Orlando, FL
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How Much Stuffing Would It Take to Stuff Your House Like A Turkey?

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and while you have your hand stuck up a turkey’s butt, you may ask yourself, how much of this stuff would I need to fill my whole house? OK, maybe you’ve never thought about that, but if you start drinking a lot more, you may think about it. And if you do, there’s not a handy little calculator to help you figure it out. The number crunchers at Movoto did the leg work to try and answer this question for us. And they even broke down the details along with some examples below

Stuff Your House Like A Turkey Calculator By Movoto Real Estate

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Which Pets Are Most Liked In Every State

>The gang at Movoto fetched the data and visualized how America’s favorite critters stack up in all 50 states. Spoiler alert: It’s looking ruff for cats.

Most Liked Pets Maps

Since the beginning of civilization as we know it, a great battle has raged on. It has crossed cultures, spanned centuries, divided people, and ruined families with a fierce animosity.
We’re talking, of course, about the question of which is more popular: cats or dogs.
Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we think it’s high time to end this stupid battle: dogs are the more popular pet, hands down, no questions asked, final answer, period.
Now before you get all hissy, allow us to explain.
For this map, we went from state to state, noting the number of Facebook Likes for each of the five most popular pets: dogs, cats, fish, birds, and reptiles.
Overall, dogs were the most popular out of the five in every single state (that’s 50 points for dog people!), but we wanted to take a closer look at America’s pet preferences. After all, we love helping people find homes, but we love animals just as much.
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Cool Map Showing Every State’s Supernatural Claim To Fame

every state's supernatural claim to fame

Strange sounds in old houses, unusual lights in the sky, the blur of a mysterious creature in the corner of your photograph… the unknown is certainly out there. Every state has its own legends, landmarks, and unexplained events, but which are the most interesting in each state?

Our friends over at Movoto Real Estate Blog, are kind of fond of the supernatural, and they were more than willing to answer that question. So with a little digging, they pinned down each state’s biggest, or at least most fascinating, paranormal claim to fame.

Feel free to explore their interactive map below that looks at these sorts of unusual bragging rights:

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