DIY Sexy Rocket Raccoon Costume

It’s easy to argue that Guardians of the Galaxy is the year’s biggest movie. It has everything – a dashing leading man, a headstrong female character, the cutest loud-mouthed government experiment, a giant humanoid tree (duh), and a stellar soundtrack. This cast of characters is perfect for any number of Halloween costume combinations. With that our friends over at came up with a sexy fun costume along with what you need to put it all together

DIY Rocket Raccoon costume

DIY Sexy Rocket Raccoon

Sexy Rocket Raccoon

Rocket and Groot are like a perfect pair for a buddy-cop type movie. AND they’re kind of like Han and Chewie, but instead of person and fuzzy monster, its tree and fuzzy monster. And the fuzzy monster is the one who translates for the creature with limited vocab. Rocket’s attitude, smarts, sense of humor, and do-or-die-nature, are what makes us love him – and why should girls get to miss out on being such an awesome character for Halloween? They shouldn’t! That’s why we made an ultra-sexy, but still tough-as-nails, version of Rocket Raccoon.

All you need to put together your own genderbent Rocket Raccoon costume is a little creativity and some good tunes. Here are the products we pulled together to create this outfit:
Sexy Rocket Raccoon DIY

Cosmic Women’s Orange Astronaut Costume – Shop
Harness from Pretty Paratrooper Costume — Shop
Child Rocket Raccoon Gloves – Shop
NERF Gun – Shop
Vampire Fangs – Shop
Raccoon Ears and Tail Set – ShopShop

The construction of this costume is pretty straightforward. The gun we used was left over from our Destiny hunter cosplay, but any toy machine gun would do. Otherwise, remove all the astronaut labels from the orange jump suit, throw on a harness, and accent with all your raccoon goodies. We attached little kid War Machine gauntlets to some black boots with the elastic bands they came with. Use some face pant to draw in the raccoon eyes, pop in your fangs, and you’re good to go!

Rocket Raccoon Halloween Costumes

“Ohhhh, yeahh..”
Rocket Oh Yeah GIF

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