Mundane Arcade: 6 Daily Life Activities as Video Games

Mundane Arcade

Do you ever try to spice up boring or mundane tasks by kicking your brain into video game mode? Like what if Autocorrect became your actual nemesis? Or what if your drive to work became the worst racing game ever? Don’t worry, that’s totally normal. (Maybe? Don’t ask us, we’re not psychologists.) Anyway the same thing happens to us, so we took it a step further and made some fun posters for arcade cabinets of day-to-day tasks. Enjoy these fake video games while you’re doing your other, actually real, everyday things!

1. Super Sleep
Mundane Arcade

“The graphics on this are so much better than the original Sleep!”

In this sequel to the award-losing Sleep, you play Zzz the Fence-Hopping Sheep as you fence-hop your way to sleep! Controls include jump button—may contain trace amounts of Lunesta—and 16 gigabytes of memory foam pillow complete with 1,000 thread count premium hypo-allergenic pillowcase.

2. ComMute
Mundane Arcade

“Why does this car only have first gear?”

Don’t spill your Super Mega Jumbo Coffee as you reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour (48 kph) navigating the most congested traffic imaginable! That lane looks faster! You’re low on gas! And never, ever forget to pick up the dry cleaning on your way home!

3. Epic Wait
Mundane Arcade

“Get ready…to wait!”

The wait is over…Epic Wait is finally here! That’s right, arcade fans, it’s part 6 of the Standing Around franchise—Standing Around, Standing Around 2: DMV, No Budging: Line Cop, Standing Around 3: British Queue, and Return of Line Cop—with the familiar single-button inaction and trademark velvet stanchion rope.

4. AutoCorrect
Mundane Arcade

“This villain is worst than Voldemort.”

Face off against evil wizard AutoCorrect as he corrects your every word! Just watch your spelling, and your grammar, and your punctuation, and your slang. In fact, you probably shouldn’t use any words not appearing in Webster’s 1828 An American Dictionary of the English Language. (Dictionary not included.)

5. Toaster
Mundane Arcade
“Do you have what it takes to survive…at the top of the toast pile?”

From the makers of Boiled Cabbage and Drink More Water comes Toast! Choose a side—Light or Dark—and build your pile of toast. Challenge your friends in smoking toaster-versus-toaster multiplayer! It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

6. Floss
Mundane Arcade
“Press Up for Flosstality!”

Four out of five dentists agree that you should play Floss! In this companion game to Toothbrusher 2000, you floss your way to victory against the nasty Gingivoids of Plaquevania. “Play Floss daily. 10/10” — The American Dental Association.

Mundane Arcade Poster
mundane arcade poster


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