Major League Baseball’s Biggest Stars Show Off Their ‘Dad Bod’

Out of the four major sports, baseball definitely seems to have the least athletic players. They stand around the entire time they’re out on the field and then they go in the dugout and sit. (And adjust their crotches.) Well, according to these shirtless pictures of baseball’s biggest stars, it seems we’re right: baseball players truly are just millionaires hiding #dadbods behind baggy clothing.

Max Scherzer
Shirtless Max Scherzer

Clayton Kershaw
Shirtless Clayton Kershaw

Buster Posey
Shirtless Buster Posey

Bryce Harper
Shirtless Bryce Harper

Miguel Cabrera
Shirtless Miguel Cabrera

Prince Fielder
Shirtless Prince Fielder

Alex Rodriguez
Shirtless Alex Rodriguez

Pablo Sandoval
Shirtless Pablo Sandoval

Bartolo Colon
Shirtless Bartolo Colon

Via: Mandatory

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