The Most Terrible Things Professor X Has Ever Done

Professor Charles Xavier. Mutant leader. Loving caretaker. Genius teacher. And total, absolute jerk. And it’s not just that he does some pretty messed up stuff sometimes. Occasionally, Professor X goes full-on supervillain. For all of Xavier’s talk about peace and love and harmony, he’s the most unscrupulous, hypocritical, and manipulative of all the X-Men. Face it: Magneto was right. Professor X is downright dangerous, and nothing—not even death—can stop him…

24 Google Doc Hacks and Add-ons to Make Your Life Easier (Infographic)

Twenty years ago, collaborating with people in real-time over the internet seemed unfathomable. Now we do it every day with the click of a button. Google Docs is a powerful tool that makes working with people both near and far a breeze, but do you know how to use it to its full capacity? Go beyond just sharing docs and leaving comments with these 24 Google Doc hacks and add-ons.

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