6 Secrets To Defeating Deadpool

Filmgoers have finally discovered something Deadpool’s longtime comics fans have known for a while: the Merc with a Mouth is nearly impossible to kill. He soaks up bullets, survives buildings burning down, and even regrows a hand in the weirdest way possible. It’s easy to leave the theater wondering exactly how anyone could ever defeat someone with such an amazing healing factor. Fortunately, years of Deadpool comics have offered an array of techniques for accomplishing just such a goal. Supervillains, avert your eyes! Here are just a few ways to defeat Deadpool…

Joker and Harley Quinn UNCUT – Car Chase

Joker and Harley Quinn love nothing more than creating havoc for Batman. But when their alone… they turn into a couple… just like everyone else. Yeah, Joker and Harley might act all tough but they bicker. Oh they bicker.

10 Actors Who Could Have Been A Marvel Superhero!

At this point, it honestly seems like every actor in the world has made his or her way into a Marvel movie at one point or another. Between the X-Men franchise, the ever-expanding MCU and independent Marvel hits like Deadpool, there is no shortage of roles available for willing actors. For this video, Screen Rant is taking a look at some actors who were almost in Marvel movies, but ultimately missed out. Here is their list of 10 Actors Who Were Close To Being A Marvel Superhero.

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