Do You Want To Be In Our Band?

Steven and Steve N are looking for a new member for their band. Don’t worry if you’re not talented, neither are they. As an added bonus they bring nothing to the table, which helps. This funny video from Jason Sereno is reminescent of all the Craigslist ads you see looking for someone wanting to get in on the ground floor of the “next big thing”

Strangers ‘N’ Danger – Ep.1

Kat Karter is a naive small town girl with a big heart. She’s decided to start her own vlog-style reality show where she helps people in danger! In the first episode of this new series from long time Beaver fan Jason Sereno we see Kat’s heart is in the right place, but it may get her in trouble. This series looks very promising

Cooking For Dads

This new mini-series from our friend Jason Sereno takes a hilarious look at a divorced dad’s new cooking show. The show features quick meals that are easy to prepare so you have more time to spend with your kids, since that cold hearted ex of yours will be over any minute to pick them up.