Up Close Bike Crash

Nate Dunn participated in the Cherry Pie Criterium on 2/6/2011 with a great HD camera mounted on his bike. Toward the end of the race he captured a spectacular crash and even managed to become part of the action himself.

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When Wrestling Runs Out Of Ideas

In case you didn’t know, wrestling is fake. Sure, there a few people that still believe in it like this guy, but for the most part wrestling jumped the shark about 10 minutes after the whole Hulkamania thing started. This video does a good job of highlighting just how ridiculous wrestling has become.

This Super Bowl Party Will Be Better Than Yoursi

So you hit the grocery store and think you have everything ready for the big game right? Well no matter what you do, your party will suck compared to what this uber-fan did to his living room. Since the game will be held at Cowboy’s Stadium, this dude decided since he can’t be there in person, he’ll be there in spirit. He recreated the feeling of the stadium in his living room complete with the jumbotron hanging from the ceiling. There’s only one thing that would be better than this and that would be not wasting time watching a game that kids play in the park on the weekend and hit up the strip club. Those dancers will be bored out of their mind and you’ll be able to get more for your money. That’s right, we offer financial advice too!

A Reason To Hate The Packers

Sometimes, no matter how good a team is, the fans just ruin it. That’s the case with this group. Granted the kids are just trying to show their support, but after watching this you’ll be rooting for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl on Sunday just so you can sit back and enjoy the vision of these little “darlings” crying their eyes out.

Roethlisberger Gets Humped

You may not have seen it on Sunday, but after the Steelers beat the Jets, #34 Rashard Mendenhall jumps on Big Ben and gives him a little surprise nookie. Maybe it’s karma for what Ben did to that girl a while back.