Meme Of The Week 9-2

This week’s meme is The Leo Strut

The Back Story: During the filming of the movie Inception an image was snapped of Leonardo DiCaprio strutting off the set. Rumored that they had just finished shooting a scene and were taking a break for a little while he is pictured strutting with a smug look on his face as if he is really pleased with a job well done. None of us look like this when we’re going on our lunch break at work do we? Want to know why? Because he’s getting paid millions of dollars and at the time this picture was taken he was thinking about his trailer he was walking toward that was stocked full of fine hookers and a mountain of blow. You’d be strutting and happy too! I went to college and had dreams but now I have to sit here and write crap like this all day, but I digress. Anyway, the image circulated, people thought it was funny and showed a softer side of old Leo. Then it started to get photo shopped into different scenes and it began to spread like wild fire. For a meme that has only been around a couple of months it has already exploded in popularity and has achieved cross meme status many times over. The main attraction of this meme is the versatility, you can use it in pretty much anything. In popular examples the creator of the image may place Leo in a scene of destruction or disaster where it appears he may either be responsible or may be able to help or prevent what had happened but is joyfully walking away. Other images place Leo into crowds turning it into more of a Where’s Waldo style image. Some more place Leo into crowd scenes as to interact with what is going on.

The set up: Add Leo to an image

More images are available in the gallary

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