Meme Of The Week 10-28

This week’s meme is Epic Boobs Girl (Epic Boobs)

The Back Story: Epic Boobs have been around since the beginning of human existence but the Epic Boobs Girl did not become a meme until around mid 2006. A young girl named Alix in the UK uploaded some racy pictures onto her bebo account and from there one was picked up and turned into the now famous motivational image. After the image began circulating, a search began for who this mysterious girl was. More pictures of her started to leak out from her myspace profile and a few other sources. She became so popular that Loaded magazine published an article under the headline “Wanted! The epic boobs girl!” and offered a £500 for assistance in encouraging her to pose for the magazine. This led to Alix filing suit against the magazine for for violation of her privacy. The complaint was rejected by the Press Complaints Commission citing that since the magazine was not the first to pull the photos, and since it had such wide spread circulation on the net, they were not responsible. The commission didn’t think it possible to censure the magazine for commenting on material that had already had such wide circulation, and which had already been contextualised in the same way (ie, as an exemplar of beautiful breasts) by many others. So Alix lost the case but managed to get a good bump and resurgence in popularity because of it. Many of the Epic Boobs photos in circulation still depict Alix but there have been many others created using different models as the focus.

The set up: Busty pictures set in a motivational photo

More images are available in the gallary

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