Meme Of The Week 11-4

This week’s meme is U Mad

The Back Story: During an appearance on the Bill O’Reilly Show in November of 2003, Harlem-based rapper Cam’Ron uttered the phrase in a heated exchange with O’Reily.
(6:00 for the money shot)

In the context of hip hop music, “You mad, ‘cause [I’m better than you]” is a dissing technique that has its roots in freestyle battling and can be often heard in popular rap lyrics, especially on diss tracks.
The catchphrase has morphed and netizens began using it in discussion forums and comment threads to imply that someone (usually the previous poster) is losing their temper during the course of an argument. It’s a form of debate tactic that casually dismisses someone’s counterargument, thus further feeding the rage fuel upon the receiving end. Due to the incendiary nature of the phrase, it is also considered a form of trolling. This is sometimes countered by the sub-meme of I Ain’t Even Mad as a response.

The setup: Using an image ad the U Mad text

More images are available in the gallary

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