Beaver Badge Contest Winner – March

This month we had to do something a little different. We had three pictures that were really good and we had a hard time deciding a winner. So since we want to spread the joy, we decided to make all three of them winners. They will each receive a $50 Visa gift card. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, now here’s the winning pictures:

First, from a fan who asked us not to post his name (for obvious reasons) is this pic of a badge put on the back of a school bus right before it left to take the kids home:

close up:

Next we have a picture from Joey. This idea was a finalist last month and we really liked it but the judges couldn’t accept it because it wasn’t clear. This time Joey took a clear picture instead of something that looked like it was taken by Michael J. Fox and it paid off for him. Congrats Joey!

Last, we have Christina. It’s a simple picture but the underboob pushed it to the top of the list. The judges wanted to make this one the winner until it was noticed that the laptop screen had some other site that is most likely not as awesome as ours on it 🙁

Congratulations to all of our winners! We have already received a couple entries for the April contest so make sure you get yours in!

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