Barbie’s Dark Side

Who would have known America’s sweetheart could get so twisted. Mariel Clayton, that’s who, the brilliantly evil mind behind this Bad Barbie photo series. The inspiration? Simple: ‘You can’t get to be Barbie without an ocean’s worth of peroxide, 27 plastic surgeries and a complete lack of intelligence, so it irritates me immensely that this is the toy of choice women give to their daughters to emulate. Behind the vacuous perpetual lipsticked-smile lurks the black heart of the true sociopath, just like in real life’.

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  • devon

    what disturbs me most is that they actually make babrbie lingerie O.o

  • Nobby

    I have a good eye for detail and I can appreciate how much work this has taken, well done, love it !

  • Chuck

    Jesus Christ this is horrifying!

    So let me get this straight, in order to vent your frustrations on the fact that Barbie is the choice toy for most girls in America, you decide to depict her killing the male figure in every single still?!

    That just seems like projecting to me.

    I mean, if you really wanted to make a point, why not depict an amazonian barbie climbing out of the old, plastic house mom barbie's carcass?

    Like holy shit, ken is just as plastic as she is, what's with the severe hate on?

  • Devon

    Chuck, are you retarded?

    If you're trolling, well done. But if you're not, I hope you understand that this was posted by a bored guy for mere shock value, and it's frigging hilarious. Go away, the internet doesn't need you.

  • Anonymous

    anyone else notice the dildo under the sink in the first one?

  • LC

    So, wait… let me get this straight:

    "Behind the vacuous perpetual lipsticked-smile lurks the black heart of the true sociopath, just like in real life’."

    So now every pretty lady, who puts an ounce of thought into her makeup, outfits, and outward appearance is now a sociopath? What the hell is this shit?

  • JD

    To those that are freaking out over the way these toys are posed and dressed up. Chill out, its not serious. No one cares about your indignation or sensitivities, because they are being expressed in a situation where they are not only useless, but just silly.

    The guy or chick or whatever, just posted some chopped up barbie and ken dolls so it looked like another barbie did it. Its as funny as the Weird Al song about Santa going crazy and killing everyone. It takes a wholesome childhood image and warps it in a dark adult way.

    If that is not you're cup of tea you'd do well to take a moment to unclench, then politely walk away. Its time to be a big kid and realize just because you don't get it, or enjoy it, doesn't mean its wrong or bad.

    I for one think it's pretty funny, and awesome.

  • Person

    Is it just me or is there a Barbie dildo in the first picture? xD

  • Patrick Bateman

    Very American Psycho-esque, well done.

  • Beth

    I agree with Devon, that this is frackin' hilarious, and I, too, can appreciate the amount of time and attention to detail it took to get these shots. Oh, and she's not slaying the male figure in EVERY still-just most of them. The others are females.

  • Charles Manson

    This is very creative.

    I can see this in every home where children play with dolls, and have an older brother.

    Why limit this to Ken and Barby. Cabbage patch kids, Elmos, etc.

    Soon my pretties, soon.

  • Charma

    this is just great lol theres a dildo in the bathtub scene aswell as the first one lol great attention to detail love it ^.^ as a kid i played with barbies i destroyed a few of them too 😛

  • Moop

    Why no dead children?

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  • Laurie

    First this is very creative, and twisted in a funny, freaky way. Love the attention to detail and that fact killer barbie is killing both ken and other barbies.

    But to say "‘You can’t get to be Barbie without an ocean’s worth of peroxide, 27 plastic surgeries and a complete lack of intelligence" is insulting to every girl who has had a barbie or barbies. I had them growing up and they had many different careers (before they were packaged that way) Barbie is the kind of toy that need imagination to enjoy…my brother had G.I. Joe that I would steal to date my Barbie when she was a lawyer, a doctor, a designer. There is nothing wrong with Barbie, but the way your imagination or lack there of.

  • Daniel

    Thanks guys who posted before me, now I spent 2-3 minutes trying to find barbie dildos in all pictures.

    The pictures themselves are really disturbing, but that is just what makes them awesome. What's next though? My Little Pony Massacres?

  • Melanie

    This is fucking sick. Absolutely disgusting. Barbie may not be the best role model, but turning her into a serial killer where she is depicted as enjoying the kill and totally fine with sliced open kens around her says YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

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  • taes

    Let's play "Where's the dildo?" I found it in 3 pics. How about you guys?

  • Nicola (Milan)

    Very well done! Love the CSI:Barbie concept all the way. So sorry for those who lack sense of irony and sarcasm, lots of them must admit. Keep on posting the great work you are doing!

  • She's not much of a housekeeper, as plastic serial killing toys go.

  • Really when someone doesn't know then its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it happens.

  • antz

    brilliant .!.