Check Out The New Rock Paper Skittles Game

Skittles has always been a favorite of ours, especially since they picked Trale Lewous to do their last promotion. But now they’ve done something pretty cool and added a techie spin on a classic game.
skittles rock paper scissors

The “Rock, Paper, Skittles National Championship” has just kicked off to celebrate the release of Skittles’ new flavor, Green Apple. And this isn’t just another lame promotion, one lucky Skittlephile will be walking away with $50,000 in cash and a Skittles-dispensing championship belt. Seriously, that belt looks awesome.

skittles rock paper scissors

We’ve played the game a few times and it’s pretty straight forward. Standard RPS style but the colors designates who the winner will be

skittles rock paper scissors Orange beats Green and Yellow
Red beats Orange and Purple
Yellow beats Red and Green
Purple beats Orange and Yellow
Green beats Purple and Red

You can use your webcam to hold up some Skittles and the “Skittles Recognition Technology” will pick it up and start your game.
skittles rock paper scissors
No webcam or no bag of Skittles? Don’t worry, you can still play by using the list of skittles over on the right hand side of the screen.

Give it a spin and see if you like it. Each time you win a match you get an entry into the drawing but you only get 12 tries a day. It’s still fun for wasting a few minutes and having fun.

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