This Is A Ridiculously Long Starbucks Receipt

We’ve all had big orders before, but one lady in Michigan just raised the bar. Her order of 130 gift cards generated a receipt long enough to stretch the length of the back counter.

A Ridiculously Long Starbucks Receipt

Via: DaSkiMaster

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  • Somebody

    Phony and/or publicity stunt.
    Ordering multiples of things will appear on any receipt as a multiple.

    4xgift card —- 650
    Total ———- 650

    • Gift cards have to be rung up one at a time since they need to be activated individually, so this would generate a line item for each one.

      • Somebody

        That would only apply to cases where the serial numbers are printed on the receipt… which is clearly not the case.

        • Afrikoka


        • Alright man, I had to test your theory (plus I needed some caffeine) so I did some recon at my local store and bought 4 $5 gift cards. As you can see, they print one card per line plus after the receipt is closed it prints the card number of each card below which makes the receipt really long. The girl that rang these up said she did 50 gift cards the other day and the receipt was super long.

          Since you’re so awesome and presented a fun challenge, I’ll send you one of these gift cards and a Beaver sticker pack if you want. I’m cool like that 😉
          Just send us your mailing address