Food Under An Electron Microscope

Photographer Caren Alpert wasn’t content with taking pictures of food sitting on a table. So she took her photography to another level and began shooting common foods through an electron microscope.

From that artist:

I’ve made a living over the last decade capturing mostly recognizable images of food. Now I want to show what is there, but what we never actually see: landscapes, patterns and textures that ignite a completely different response from the viewer.

Photographs taken with electron microscopes have seized my interest because of their mystery and simultaneous familiarity. This medium deconstructs, abstracts, and reveals the ordinary in a riveting way. The closer the lens got, the more I saw food – and consumers of food – as part of a larger eco-system.

There’s so much rhetoric in our culture around food: food science, food journalism, food history, and food how-to. It is my hope that these photographs might transform our food obsession into a newfound closeness with what nourishes us.

Food Under A Microscope
Pop Tart
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Light Paintings Made by Tracing Entire Rooms with One LED

Finland-based photographer Janne Parviainen had this mad idea of tracing entire rooms with one LED and now he has finally gotten started. He calls his new series “Light Topography” and believe it or not, all of his shots are straight from the camera. It takes as long as half an hour to create such long exposure photograph and he likes to joke that one must be totally mad to be doing that.

“You know you are totally and utterly mad when you are tracing a whole room with one LED alone in the middle of the night,” says Janne.

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Water Wigs

Photographer Tim Tadder has just released a new series of images he’s been working on. By taking a bunch of bald guys and throwing water balloons at their head he managed to create a new style, Water Wigs.

From the artist:

Water Wigs is a dynamic set of images using exploding shaped water balloons lit with a triad of colors, to create incredible splashes on the heads of bald men. The result is interesting and arresting “wigs” of water.

water wigs
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