Soccer Mom vs MMA Fighter Ends As Expected

Soccer mom turned MMA fighter Katie Castro was 0-2 when she entered this match with Ilima Macfarlane who was making her pro MMA debut. Katie must have done all her training at the local Target beating up the other soccer moms because she really wasn’t prepared for what happened here.

Two Women Have A White Trash Fight In A Walmart

These two winners got into a kerfuffle at the Beech Grove Walmart in Indiana last Thursday. To make it even more trashy, one of the women’s kids got involved.

Let’s take a moment to be thankful that the woman in the scooter has been cured of her ailments. She miraculously got up out of the chair to kick the other lady and seems healed as she throws some punches.

*Update- It seems that the argument started when the lady with the black hair was giving the lady in the scooter a hard time about being lazy and using the scooter. (seems kind of justified seeing as how scooter lady was able to get up and start fighting). The Beech Grove Police made a statement today to say they are alarmed at the behavior of the young boy (identified as a 6 year old) and question the environment he is being raised in. They involved the Department of Child Services in their investigation.

**Update- Youtube removed the video we posted since they thought it violated their community standards (that’s rich). So we had to rehost it with Vimeo. Sorry for the interruption

Deputy Beautifully Breaks Up A Beach Fight

It’s Spring Break time all across the country so that means tons of drunken college kids heading out in the sun. And when you get a bunch of college kids together and add enough alcohol, there’s bound to be a fight. A fun day on St Petersburg Beach turned rowdy when a bunch of bros got into a punch-a-thon. Then comes deputy high tower from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department to try and calm things down. Bros being the bros that they are, of course they act like douche nozzles which leads the deputy to be more stern, with a sweet take down of bro #1. Bro #2 gets all upset because his boyfriend was being manhandled so he keeps harassing the officer which leads to not only another great take down, but a beautiful choke hold.

That Deputy deserves a medal, not only for teaching these douchebags a lesson, but for taking them down without shooting them like some other departments would…

As an added bonus, there’s drone footage of it! With some pretty relaxing music too

Have fun on Spring Break Beavers, but try not to act like a douche 😉